• Lavender
Lavender is essential oil crop that occupies large areas in Bulgaria. Originates from the Mediterranean and was brought to Bulgaria in the early 20th century.

Lavender cultivation

One of the key moments in the cultivation of lavender is the right choice of location for the establishment of the plantation. Lavender is sun-loving culture and does not tolerate shading. Intensifying the sun contributes to the accumulation of more essential oil in the flowers. Once a suitable spot is found, the soil preparation treatments can began.
Viola company had spent much attention to the choice of area for growing high-quality organic lavender.
Lavender is propagated vegetatively by rooted cuttings derived from specific parent plants. Autumn in stopping the vegetation, rooted cuttings are removed, sorted and preserved in furrows for planting. (photo)
Planting of lavender is in favorable weather conditions in autumn. Plants are then intercept and begin to grow in the spring.
Productivity of the lavender increases annually and reaches its maximum between the 5th and 8-year, then starts aging tufts aging.
Our company is making so much efforts to take care of its crops in accordance with the requirements of organic farming.
Lavender plantation are with total area of 100 hectares.

• Lemon Balm /Melissae officinalis/
Lemon Balm is essential oil crop of family Labiatae /Lamiaciae/ and has a pleasant citric smell. Originates from the southern climatic zones of Europe and North America. Its name derives from the Greek word "Melissa" for bee or honey.

Lemon Balm cultivation

Lemon Balm is a warm and light-loving plant. It is demanding to soil moisture and also best developed in deep and loose soils.
Propagated through seedlings, and transplanting it in May. Nurseries plants grow very quickly and give a good harvest during the first year. Lemon Balm stays in one place for 5 years.
3 hectares are cultivated by Viola company, fully complied with the requirements and criteria of organic farming

Organic essential oils are produced from plants grown in accordance with international organic farming standards.